NO Restrictive Diets and  NO Long, Boring Cardio!
The 6 Week Challenge is BAD NEWS For Your Stubborn Fat
Don't Miss Out - Limited To 20 Spaces!
These results were achieved over varying lengths of time and are meant only as an example of what can be achieved as a member of RM Fitness.
Do You...

  •  Want a Structure & Routine for Results? (Especially after the Summer Months of Inconsistency) 
  •  Want to look and feel your best in the lead up to Christmas?
  • Want to get in shape without being excessively restricted with your nutrition or living in the gym?
  • Want to know the most effective ways to get leaner, stronger and fitter?
  • Live or work in Manchester or Wigan?
  • Feel frustrated with your lack of progress over the last few months and not really sure how to turn it around?
  • Want to follow a tried and tested programme that is proven to get results?
If your answer is YES, then this is for you
We are 100% certain that when you complete this 6 week transformation programme you will feel like a different person both mentally and physically.

You will no longer feel confused about Nutrition, you will feel more confident in your clothes, stronger and fitter in gym and energised throughout the day.
What You Can Expect From The Challenge...
  •  A gym that GUARANTEES RESULTS plus...
  •  18 x Group Training Sessions (value £197)
You'll get three sessions a week with experience coaches that care about you and your progress. They will guide you through every part of the programme, making sure your are getting everything right and making a real long lasting change to your body.
  •  Individual Nutrition Guide (Value £99)
We will walk you step by step through your own individual nutrition eating guide. So you can get results, despite being busy and on the go.
  •  Your Very Own Personal Coach (Value £99/ month)
Your coach will keep you accountable, give you all the support you need so you can RESULTS without feeling confused or overwhelmed.
  •  A Private Gym (Value Priceless)
    You will never have to wait for equipment, or put up with the idiot taking up the kit whilst on their mobile phone!
    •  A Results Focused Training Programme (Value £39/ month)
    You will have access to our most effective training programme, that has been proven to get impressive fat loss results with 1000's of people across our gyms
    •  Body Measurements And Progress Tracking (Value £79/ Month)
    Our state of the art InBody scanners will provide accurate readings for body fat, lean mass, hydration, visceral (internal fat) plus more
    We can use this data to track your progress over the 6 weeks
    •  Be Surrounded By Other Like Minded People On The Same Mission (Value Priceless)
    In each session you will be spending time with other people who are in the same boat as you. 
    We have a friendly and non judgmental environment where others will be supporting you to do well for yourself
    • In Person And Online Support (Value Priceless)
    Have your questions answered and have the opportunity to our experienced coaches and other members about your journey. Share whats working for you or get help if you are struggling
    •  Fitness And Nutrition Education (Value £29/ Month)
    Our goal is to provide you with up to date strategies, hacks and tools so you are not only dropping fat, getting stronger and fitter on this programme but you have knowledge and skills that will last forever
    The total value of the above is well over £600. 

    But we're not going to charge you anything close to that...

    In fact the EARLY BIRD PRICE for this 6 Week Transformation Challenge is Just £229 £147

    That works out at about £3.50 per day. Around the same cost as a daily coffee from Starbucks. 
    Ready To Get Started?
    Don't Miss Out - It WILL fill up...Fast!

    After you register your interest a member of our team 
    will be in touch within 24-48 hours. 
    Instagram Story From When Coach Sam Joined In One Of The Sessions
    PRICE... £229 £147
    This price is only available for ACTION TAKERS who sign up before the 17th October 2018 (after that the price goes up)
    Don't Miss Out - It Will Fill Up... Fast!
    What if you don't get results?
    We Will Give You Your Money Back
    We have complete confidence in our programmes, so we offer a Money Back guarantee.

    If you take action, stick to the programme and don't get results then we'll give you ALL of your money back

    You literally have nothing to lose... except your stubborn body fat!
    Don't Miss Out - It Will Be Sold Out!
    See What Our Members Are Saying About Us...
    "It's been a terrific feeling to be able to train injury free and see the real benefits of strength training but also the importance placed on Nutrition. An aspect that many commercial gyms lack is passion and support with real sincerity and this is where RM Fitness excels"

    Uazir Mosharaf
    RM Fitness Manchester Member
    "I wake up feeling positive and excited about the challenges of the day ahead rather than sluggish and anxious and that is all because of RM Fitness! It's truly a pleasure to be a part of something so amazing." 

    Serena Hayes
     RM Fitness Manchester Member
    'I have lost 6kg weight, my body fat has dropped massively and my strength has improved immeasurably! I couldn't have done this without the help and support of all the coaches. One thing I never thought I'd say is I enjoy going to the gym... but I do now"

    Rob Sibbald-Evans
    RM Fitness Wigan Member
    These results were achieved over varying lengths of time and are meant only as an example of what can be achieved as a member of RM Fitness
    Ready To Get Started?
    Don't Miss Out - It Will Fill Up... Fast!
    Still Not Sure?
    Check Out What These Guys Have To Say...
    "I've dropped 2 dress sizes and 4 inches off my waist"
    "The second I walked through the doors, I just remember everyone coming over and introducing themselves. Everyone was really friendly, and I had so much encouragement from the coaches"
    Sue Waxman
    "I've lost a stone in weight"
    "I feel loads stronger and fitter and I can now wear 'slim fit' clothes comfortably without worrying about those awkward lumps and bumps. My lower back pain has also gone, since I started"
    Neil Whittingham
    "I've lost 24lbs and 9% Bodyfat"
    "The main thing for me was that the coaches were interested, and wanted to help me. After my first session I said to my other half this is the place I have to go!"
    Clare Entwistle
    "It's not just about the number on the scales"
    "I've lost well over 30lbs, but I have learnt it's not just about the number on the scales it's your body composition, strength, fitness and recovery. I am leaps and bounds from where I was previously, following Mens Health routines in a commercial gym"
    Richard Gray
    "My confidence is much higher"
    "I like the community feel where everyone is working together. The coaches are with you all the time. I've lost over a stone in weight and my confidence is much higher"
    Lisa Bryden
    "I'm better at dealing with stress"
    I've dropped 2 stone and over 10% body fat. When I compare my pictures from when I started to now they are completely different. I'm better at dealing with stress in my career and it has improved my home life. "
    Jonny Rothman
    Start Your Transformation Today...
    Don't Miss Out - It Will Fill Up Fast!
    What Happens Next?

    Step1: Register for a place on the programme

    Step2: Look out for and email to book your 5 minute on boarding call

    Step3: Get access to our members only online community

    Step4: Start the programme from the 20th October
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do I have to be fit already? 

    No. Our members vary in age and fitness levels. Yes, you will see some super fit people here, but they all started somewhere. Your fitness goal is unique to you. We will assess your current level, personalise your programme and take it at a pace that works for you.
    How much is it, and how do I sign up?

    The programme is £147 for 6 weeks of group training and nutrition support. Click on the register your interest button below and one of the team will be in tough and arrange to get you started.
    What happens after the 6 week programme?

    You are free to choose. Nearly everyone wants to carry on and work with us to reach their longer term fitness goals. However if you decide that RMF isn't for you, you can simply say goodbye. We will be sorry to see you but we accept we can't be all things to all people. 
    When are the sessions?

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the Manchester and Wigan timetables. During the programme you can attend ANY of the sessions in RED and you can also use both gyms should you require.  There are over 20 sessions 
    Do I always have to come at the same time and when does it start?

    No. you have flexible access to any 3 sessions at either gym for the 6 weeks. 
    The challenge starts on October 22nd. 

    We will also be holding a welcome seminar on Saturday the 20th October: 
    Manchester  at 11:30am 
    Wigan at 2:30pm
    Where are the gyms?

    RM Fitness Manchester
    Arch 32, Viaduct Street, M3 7WX
    RM Fitness Wigan
    Unit 2 The Old Dairy, Leeds Street, WN3 4BW
    Don't Miss Out - It Will Fill Up...Fast
    RM Fitness Wigan
    RM Fitness Manchester
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